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Sybrina Atwaters headshot

Sybrina Atwaters, Ph.D.

Director & Academic Professional

Contact me for more information about: Focus, WOCI city-wide Collaborative, Career Pathway/Alliance, Diversity Abroad & Global Innovation, Strada/3M/P&G Grants, Instruction & Research, and general OMED operations

Phone: 404-894-8746

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christa davoll headshot

Christa Davoll

Administrative Professional Sr.

Phone: 404-894-3959

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jelani liddell headshot

Jelani Liddell

Assistant Director, Outreach Initiatives

Contact me for more information about: Challenge, AAMI, 12-Hour Study Halls

Phone: 404-894-4141

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denise ocasio thomas headshot

Denise Ocasio Thomas

Associate Director, Equity, Engagement, and Retention

Contact me for more information about: Edge, Tower, OMED Carnival, WOCI ambassadors, Diversity Abroad and Global Innovation, Data collection and reporting, Collaborative Equity program opportunities

Phone: 404-894-0532

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Shunverie Rushing

Shunverie Rushing

Assistant Director, Academic Initiatives

Contact me for more information about: Tutoring, Concept Classes, Academic Empowerment Awards, Academic Empowerment Fair, Academic Research/Grant Initiatives

Phone: (404) 385-3984

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