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Philanthropy is essential to sustaining units and programs designed to engage students, and set strategies that affect academic success, provide enrichment activities, and increase personal development.

OMED Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship Program

The purpose of the OMED Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship Program is to financially support OMED’s student programs and initiatives. This strategy mutually benefits both the participating companies and OMED’s target population – traditionally underrepresented students (African-American, Hispanic, Native American, and Multi-Racial).

Participating companies can champion their commitment to diversity efforts and academic excellence through their support of OMED. Students connect Corporate Partners' and Sponsors' brands with OMED and are provided with a direct avenue to scholarship, internship, co-op, and full-time opportunities.

The OMED Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship Program offers direct access to the minority student population at Georgia Tech. OMED provides corporate sponsors with a high-level of visibility on our website, within our offices, and through our formal and informal communication with students.

Corporate Partners and Sponsors have the opportunity to increase their presence through OMED programs, including:

  • Challenge – Helps prepare incoming freshmen for a successful college career, both academically and socially, during a five-week intensive summer program.
  • Edge – Offers support from upperclassmen who serve as mentors to assist first-year students academically and socially.
  • Academic Support – Provides study sessions, guided group study, and concept classes to students year-round.

OMED also assists with managing corporate sponsorship of African-American and Hispanic/Latino student organizations.

Corporate Partners and Sponsors are invited to attend OMED’s Tower Awards, an annual ceremony designed to recognize and reaffirm students’ academic achievements. During this event, companies are highlighted for their support and can interact with faculty, staff, students, and their families.

OMED works with local, national, and international corporations to obtain support for our programs. There are two levels for Corporate Partners and Sponsors: Partner ($20,000+) and Sponsor (below $20,000).