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Every Impact student takes part in an Impact Project. These projects will involve your Impact peers and friends, and students typically choose to work as a team. Impact gives you the freedom to take your projects in the direction that you want. You’ll also have access to resources, mentors, and other support that will help guide your success.

In the Spring semester, we will highly encourage students to take a Vertically Integrated Project or VIP class to help guide you through your Impact Project experience.

Sustainability: Living Building Equity Champions

Mixing elements of sustainability and equity, the LBEC project focuses on creating equitable and sustainable opportunities for engagement both within the Kendeda Building and the community.

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Social Good: The Hive at GT

The Hive @ GT is a project by Georgia Tech Impact LLC members focused on making financial aid and personal development resources more accessible to every Georgia Tech student.

Diversity: Community Policing and Engagement

This group was created to help create strategies and better promote open communication between minority communities and law enforcement.