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Due to staffing changes, Impact LLC will not operate during the 2022-2023 academic year.
We look forward to welcoming our next cohort of students in fall 2023.

All first-year students admitted to Georgia Tech are eligible for an invitation to the Impact Community, including those students affiliated with other Institute programs (Challenge, President’s Scholarship Program, APS Scholars). Our students represent many majors across all six GT colleges. Students may apply by completing the Georgia Tech Living Learning Communities application process. Our GT Admissions team has likely already sent you living-learning community information, but please contact us if you did not receive any communication regarding applying.

Applying to the Impact LLC:

  1. Go to your admissions portal and indicate the "What is an LLC" page. 
  2. You will see a circular graphic of multiple personas on the screen. Go to the Impact persona and select it. 
  3. Select "Impact" as your preferred LLC that you are interested in joining. Then you will select another LLC as your second choice.
  4. Contact the GT admissions team or visit the GT LLC page for general information about LLCs.

While your Impact application will be read by the Impact Community faculty and staff, we consider all students! Factors we do look at and consider include

  • Your involvement in high school activities
  • Projects you have done or worked on
  • Your interest in learning more about topics around diversity, equity, social good, social justice, and sustainability
  • Overall evidence of leadership and interest 

Expectations for Impact members

  • Live in Hefner-Armstrong Residence Halls for both Fall and Spring Semesters
  • Enroll in an Impact-themed GT 1000 or CS 2801 course for the Fall  
  • $400/Semester Activity Fee (financial assistance is available, just ask!)
  • Mandatory participation in all Impact retreats (and suggested participation in other Impact events)

Each resident will contribute to the management of the community in different ways by volunteering, serving with community organizations, and participating in Impact service events. Second-year Impact students can serve as Team Leaders for Impact GT1000 courses. Additionally, they will serve as mentors and work alongside our Living Building Equity Champion students.

Will I have time for this Impact experience?

A living-learning community is less of a “time commitment” and more of an outlet for you to get involved, relieve some stress, and meet some amazingly cool people! You will have Impact events offered to you weekly, but it is not meant to take up a huge chunk of your time. In fact, many Impact students are also involved in Greek life, intramural sports, clubs, and organizations at Tech and have never had an issue in terms of conflicts in their schedule.

I’m actually interested in being a part of Greek Life or other organizations. Will this program interfere with that?

Absolutely not! You can pledge to a sorority or fraternity, join other organizations or clubs, and still be a part of a living-learning community as well — so you can get the best of both worlds!