Georgia Tech Launches First-Year Mental Health Education

Georgia Tech is offering a mental well-being module for incoming first-year students for the first time. This evidence-based online module is a new requirement for all incoming first-year students, along with AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention. Georgia Tech has partnered with EverFi, whose mission is to help students address critical life matters in higher education institutions across the country. The mental well-being course was developed in partnership with The Jed Foundation

This module began as a student-led initiative, spearheaded by Georgia Tech's Mental Health Network (MHN) in July 2020. The MHN, formed in November 2019, is an ad hoc committee in the Student Government Association dedicated to convening all student leaders and Tech administration in the well-being space for collaboration and advocacy. After launching a social media campaign to require this module for the entire University System of Georgia (USG), the Mental Health Network's chair, Charlie Wood, was able to meet with Dr. Chip Reese from USG's Mental Health Task Force, who lent his support and advice to initiate a pilot program at Georgia Tech. Following these meetings, MHN and Georgia Tech formed a successful partnership with EverFi. MHN hopes that this pilot program inspires a mental health education requirement for all schools in the university system.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five teens and young adults live with a mental health condition, and three quarters develop one by age 24. Mental Well-being for Students equips first-year students with essential skills and information to navigate the stressors and emotional challenges associated with college life. The 45-minute online course starts with short videos introducing how college life can present unique obstacles to well-being. It will teach students enhanced strategies for self-care and allow them to practice techniques for bolstering their mental health. 

The module will also instruct students on identifying when outside help may be needed, as well as exploring mental health stigmas and other barriers to seeking help. This course aims to help students practice self-care strategies, recognize when they or their peers are in distress, and take action to find additional support. Georgia Tech is excited to offer this online module as part of comprehensive health and well-being programming designed to empower students and promote the safety, health, and well-being of our community.  

Contact the Office of Health Initiatives at if you have any questions or concerns.

Students, if you are experiencing signs and symptoms of any mental health concerns, please visit or call (404) 894-3498 to schedule an appointment with a licensed counselor.  

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