Tiffiny Hughes-Troutman

What motivated you to initially participate in the Leading Women@Tech program?

Receiving the nomination to participate in the Leading Women@Tech program was one of the most validating experiences I have had at Tech, and I knew that this was an opportunity that I needed to embrace. I have strived for meaningful connection and involvement with the leadership on Tech’s campus and as a female administrator on campus, I have at times felt marginalized and experienced isolation due to a lack of mentorship from women and a desire for greater affiliation and connection with other leaders.

I was confident that the Leading Women@Tech program would arm me with critical leadership skills and coaching to help advance my career as well as provide a safe space to explore my professional identity and a strong network of support from other women leaders on campus and in the broader community.                                                                                                              

In what ways has the program changed you? 

Through the program, I have been emboldened and inspired by the stories and experiences of other women leaders on this campus – both the presenters and the participants. The support through this program has been incredible, and I now find myself searching ways to intentionally connect with other women leaders, so the mission of Leading Women@Tech continues. The program has also cultivated greater self-awareness and self-reflection regarding my leadership style, areas of development, abilities and strengths. 

Would you recommend this program to a staff woman colleague? If so, why? 

Yes, this program was excellent, and I would strongly recommend it. It connects you with other women leaders whom you might never meet nor interact with on campus and provides a safe and enjoyable space for you to network, share concerns, process career management techniques, and strategize for success. Through the workshops, sessions, and coaching, the leaders of this program have skillfully and intentionally provided an environment for women leaders to bond and share experiences openly and freely, with positive affirmation and without judgment.

How do you think programs like Leading Women@Tech are beneficial to women leaders in higher education?  

Programs such as Leading Women@Tech allow women leaders to build networks and communities in which they can cultivate their leadership style and share challenges while discussing feedback, comparing notes, and providing emotional and physical support to one another. The program sends a strong message to women leaders that they are important and their contributions and perspectives in the workplace are valued.