Michelle Tullier

What motivated you to initially participate in the Leading Women@Tech program?

I was motivated by the opportunity to develop connections, not just for general networking but to get a better sense of the layered complexity of how “business” gets done at Georgia Tech. Getting to know people from a broader range of functional areas and roles across campus facilitated this.

Please briefly describe an aspect of the program that was personally/professionally significant for you. 

The programs around efficacy, influence, and success formulas were particularly helpful. It’s easy to come up with ideas and create a vision, but it’s not always so easy to bring them to fruition. The strategies and tools offered in those programs will be very useful for taking action and bringing vision to reality.

In what ways has the program changed you? 

I am more confident as a leader and feel proud to have completed the experience. It feels like a real accomplishment.

Would you recommend this program to a staff woman colleague? If so, why?

Yes, I would highly recommend this program. It has such varied – and yet all related and cohesive – content that there is something in it for every woman who wants to grow as a leader.