Marisa Atencio

What motivated you to initially participate in the Leading Women@Tech program?

I was eager to participate in this program because I believed it would offer valuable opportunities to network with other women leaders on campus, identify opportunities for leadership growth and development, and consider the challenges and pathways to progressive leadership in a male-dominated workplace.

What have you taken away from the program? 

I have learned that leadership requires that I focus on my own state of being/living first in order to be my best for others. Leadership requires relationships and understanding of others’ needs and the ability to both live in the moment (be mindful) and develop specific deliverable goals to achieve the designed outcomes. 

Leadership isn’t one thing for everyone; it is a way of being that is aware of self and others and therefore is likely to tackle an issue where it is most needed. Leadership isn’t as much about what you do, but who you have relationships with and how you get it done with others supporting you/the goal.

Please briefly describe an aspect of the program that was personally/professionally significant for you. 

There were three program sessions that were the most significant for my personal development: The efficacy session because of the visual (which is on my desktop) about the four stages of contribution, the mindfulness work with Swami, and the exploration of our diverse experiences in the intercultural session. Each of these sessions allowed deep self-reflection while also offering so many ways to incorporate the content daily in my personal and work life.

Would you recommend this program to a staff woman colleague? If so, why?

YES, YES, YES! I would recommend Leading Women@Tech because of the intentional content and the development of relationships with other women leaders.