Amy Herron

What motivated you to initially participate in the Leading Women@Tech program?

I was motivated to participate in Leading Women@Tech because of the program’s reputation, my interest in leadership, and the networking opportunities with other women on campus.

How are you applying the insights from this program in your day-to-day work?

I started applying the principle of efficacy in my day-to-day work after the “Efficacy for Women” session.  Learning about efficacy was very insightful to me. I have always wanted to have the highest return on my investment of time and effort, and this session taught me that I need to intentionally work towards that end. Now, I do that by thinking through both my business to-do list and my personal to-do list, and structuring my time and effort to produce the best outcome for the accomplishment of those tasks. This might mean putting in extra time and effort to accomplish a challenging task, delegating work to others, or even letting something go that is not worth the time and effort.

In what ways has the program changed you? 

I am more confident as a leader after participating in Leading Women@Tech. Completing a year-long program with leadership at its core has built confidence in my own leadership skills and abilities. Plus, it has provided me with valuable resources from books and articles to an on-campus network of leaders to call upon for future challenges that come my way.

How do you think programs like Leading Women@Tech are beneficial to women leaders in higher education?  

Leading Women@Tech is beneficial to women leaders in higher education for the following reasons: Promotes diversity and equity in the advancement of women; strengthens leadership skills for women; and provides women leaders with a network for support, guidance, and growth.