Georgia Tech Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council


The Georgia Tech Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council (GTDEIC) will identify issues of campus racial and gender disparity, bias, and inequity to be addressed in order to deliver upon the Institute’s vision of diversity and inclusion.


The charge of the GTDEIC is twofold: 

1) To continuously monitor and assess the Institute’s progress toward achieving the diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives that undergird vison for a diverse, inclusive and welcoming campus community for all students, staff and faculty. The GTDEIC will lead campus assessments and conduct data analysis to: 

   a. Assess perceptions and lived experiences about our campus as a welcoming, supportive and inclusive community; 

   b. Assess the Institute’s progress with increasing demographic diversity among its faculty, staff and student populations;

   c. Assess Institute’s progress with engaging, promoting and supporting the success of all members of the campus community; and

   d. Evaluate campus policies, practices, and processes that enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes

2) To develop evidenced informed recommendations and submit to the president and Executive Leadership team for consideration/action that will enhance Georgia Tech's positioning to lead by example as a model campus for diversity, equity, and inclusion.