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Supporting Leadership Excellence and Career Development

Join the Inclusive Leaders Academy, a professional leadership and legacy development program at Georgia Tech. Engage with other managers and leaders in learning the science of inclusion. Generate insights to distinguish yourself as a manager or leader, create synergy among work teams, and actively contribute to modeling inclusive excellence.

The key learning benefits of the Inclusive Leaders Academy – and corresponding curriculum topic areas – include:

  • Social Intelligence

    • How do you engage and influence others
  • Self-Awareness

    • Who are you? How do you identify?
  • Courage

    • Who do you want to be as a leader?

500+ culture champions modeling inclusive excellence on campus

18 minimum credit hours

7 cohorts (and counting!)

Core Curriculum Topic Areas

Social Intelligence




  • 3 self-guided modules on inclusion
  • 1 live webinar


  • 3 self-guided modules on unconscious bias
  • 1 live webinar


  • 1 Stories We Live lab
  • 4 Dare to Lead labs
  • 1 written 800-1200-word personal story

Integration & Practice

  • Creating a Calling in Culture lab


Integration & Practice

  • Leadership Legacies lab
  • Resilience lab


Integration & Practice

  • Mindfulness-based Racial Awareness

Integration and Practice

Wisdom Labs

Community Dialogues

Coaching Sessions


  • 1 lab



  • Kick-off Program & Orientation
  • Closing Roundtable & Dialogue


  • Story Coaching & Writing Lab

ILA's Integration with the Georgia Tech Strategic Plan