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Meet Cohort 7 of the Inclusive Leaders Academy

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Cohort 7 Graduates

Alba Gutierrez Corissa James Jonathan Rivera Perez Robert Daniel
Alex Ortiz Courtney Reid Kaleitha Johnson Robin Wade
Alvin Dickson Daniel Browne Karen Manning Samba Diop
Andy Moxley Desiree Turner Karena Nguyen Sarah Scott
Andy Udell Diamond Ford Kelly Rowland Prather Savitra Dow
Aselia Urmanbetova Dominique Sierra Lindsey Micael Fenton Sharetha Dantes
Ashby Stone Francisco Castelan Lisa Tuttle Tara Adams
Ashlee Toomey-Flinn Gabriel Buddenbrock Lydia Liford Taylor Goodson
Ashley Harris Hilarie Warren May Dongmei Wang Thao Duong
Brandy Stanfield-Nagel Ingeborg Rocker Meg Sonstroem Viviana Montenegro
Brian McGlade Jassen Ceci Michael Anderson William Brown
Caroline Cully Garbers Jennifer Herazy Michael A. Dixon  
Chris Helms Jeremy Brown Nazanin Tork  
Christian Fuller John Mack Freeman Paul Arnold  


woman speaking with a microphone at the podium
event participants sitting around tables speaking



“I have been a part of plenty of leadership development programs, but the Inclusive Leaders Academy is drastically different. This life-changing experience extended spaces to unlearn and relearn ideologies gained throughout my life. I learned new information that positively changed me both personally and professionally.” 

- Michael A. Dixon, Director of Operations, Office of Commercialization


“Bias in the workplace is something I feel more comfortable identifying and mitigating now. Learning skills around creating shared goals, focusing on similarities and taking in all viewpoints has allowed me to implement these teachings from the ILA program and apply them every day."

- Jonathan Rivera Perez, Global Internship Advisor, Office of International Education


"While I engaged my direct reports daily and felt a sense of connectedness, there was limited engagement with their direct reports. So now I start my day in the catering pantry and kitchen speaking with staff as they prepare for the day's production and deliveries, which has helped build rapport as well as a mentorship program with a frontline supervisor.” 

- Kelly Rowland Prather, Director of Catering, Tech Dining


May Dongmei Wang, Professor and The Wallace H. Coulter Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Georgia Distinguished Cancer Scholar, was recently accepted into the ELATES program (Executive Leadership in Academic Technology, Engineering and Science) and credited ILA with helping her secure this prestigious fellowship.