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Leading Women@Tech

the 2022-23 Leading Women@Tech cohort

Building a Culture of Inclusive Excellence

At Georgia Tech, we value the brilliance and power of our people and their perspectives, putting it all to work to define what’s next. As such, we are dedicated to creating a community of leaders who will guide Tech in the 21st century—an institution committed to inclusive leadership, teaching, scholarship, and innovation.

Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion launched Leading Women@Tech in 2016 to engage women leaders and administrators at Georgia Tech to provide more professional development and leadership opportunities. 


In alignment with the Institute’s Strategic and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) plans–specifically goal 2 of the DEI Plan, “Recruit, Retain, and Develop a Diverse Community of Students, Faculty, and Staff”, we will develop people leaders who consistently demonstrate self-awareness, emotional intelligence, cultural competency, inclusiveness, and a responsibility, for a culture of inclusive innovation and excellence.

This initiative acknowledges excellence and supports employees who identify as women and who may also identify as faculty and staff of color.

Primary Objectives

  • Strengthen leadership ability, enhance personal and professional growth, and support the overall career development of the participants.
  • Create opportunities for women leaders to network, build community, and advance a culture of inclusive excellence.