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If I’m not the victim of sexual misconduct, but I’m told about an incident, do I have to report it to the institution?

Only Responsible Employees are REQUIRED to report incidents of Sexual Violence.

According to the Sexual Misconduct Policy, responsible employees are “Those employees who must promptly and fully report complaints of or information regarding sexual misconduct to the Coordinator.

Responsible Employees include any administrator, supervisor, faculty member, or person in a position of authority who is not a Confidential Employee or Privileged Employee. Student employees who serve in a supervisory, advisory, or managerial role are in a position of authority for purposes of this policy (e.g., teaching assistants, residential assistants, student managers, orientation leaders).”

If you are a “Responsible Employee” (mandatory reporter), you are required to report sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. Even if you are not a Responsible Employee, you can still put the survivor in contact with the Title IX Coordinator or with a confidential resource so the survivor can get needed help.

If I’m a “Responsible Employee” (mandatory reporter), how do I make a report of sexual misconduct?

To make a report, you should contact the Title IX Coordinator by phone, email, letter, in-person, virtually, etc. and share the information you know as soon as possible.  As a Responsible Employee, you are encouraged not to interview or question the participants, collect evidence, or otherwise attempt to resolve the situation.  You just need to report what you know to the Title IX Coordinator, even if that information is incomplete.

While each situation is different, as a responsible employee, you don’t have to share the information after or separate from the possible individuals involved.  You are welcome to fill out the online form with the impacted individual or contact our office while the impacted individuals are with you.

If I’m not sure I’m a “Responsible Employee,” do I still need to report sexual misconduct?

The main goal in reporting sexual misconduct is getting survivors the support they may need and stopping objectionable conduct. For these reasons, it may be prudent to err on the side of reporting. 

Contact the Title IX Coordinator

Alexis Martinez

Executive Director & Interim Title IX Coordinator
500 10th Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0620 |
(404) 385-5583