Diversity Champion Awards

2019 Diversity Champion Awards honorees



Recipients of Diversity Champion Awards will have demonstrated one or more of the following within the past three years:

  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Leadership in building an inclusive campus community and advancing a culture of inclusive excellence.
  • Organized, conducted, and/or supported programs, events, and activities that promote cross-cultural understanding, respect, and inclusion of diverse individuals and groups.

All full-time faculty, staff, students, and organizational units are eligible for this award – except previous recipients of Diversity Champion Awards and Gender Equity Champion Awards.

Nomination Process

Nominations are currently closed. The 2019 Diversity Champion Awards were presented at the 11th Annual Diversity Symposium Awards Reception on September 4.

Previous Winners

From 2013 to 2015 and 2017, the Diversity Champion Awards recognized faculty, staff, students, and units who actively demonstrated and positively promoted the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Tech.

In 2016, the Gender Equity Champion Awards were created to serve the same function in recognizing efforts in support of gender diversity, equity, and inclusion — in conjunction with the Eighth Annual Diversity Symposium theme, “Celebrating Women at Georgia Tech.”

Each year, award winners are recognized at the Diversity Symposium Awards Luncheon. They have included:

  • Faculty: Maryam Alavi
  • Staff: Melanie DeMaeyer
  • Student: Cong Luo
  • Unit: Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

  • Faculty: Katherine Fu
  • Staff: LaJauna Ellis 
  • Student: William Harrer
  • Unit: MBA Programs Office at Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business 

  • Faculty: Anne Pollock
  • Staff: Jocelyn Thomas
  • Student: Jennifer Salcedo
  • Unit: CEED 

  • Faculty: Mary Frank Fox
  • Staff: Shannon Sullivan
  • Student: Kendall Rankin
  • Unit: School of Physics

  • Faculty: Mary Lynn Realff and Stephen Ruffin
  • Staff: Madison Cario and Matthew Hall
  • Students: W.R. Alexander Berry and Andrea Welsh
  • Units: Division of Student Life and School of Mathematics

  • Faculty: Carol Colatrella and Gary May
  • Staff: Sandy Simpson
  • Student: Kate Overstreet
  • Unit: CEISMC

  • Faculty: Rigoberto Hernandez
  • Staff: Keith Oden 
  • Student: Jiby Yohannen
  • Unit: Project ENGAGES