The Georgia Tech ADVANCE Program seeks to increase the participation of women in the scientific and engineering workforce through the increased representation and advancement of women in academic scientific and engineering careers.


The Georgia Tech ADVANCE Program takes systemic/institutional approaches to increase the representation, full participation, and advancement of women in academic careers in science, technology, and engineering, thus contributing to a more diverse workforce, locally and nationally. 

The Georgia Tech ADVANCE Program (2001-2007) was one of the nine institutions to receive an NSF Institutional Transformation award in the first cohort of awardees. The Georgia Tech ADVANCE Program is now institutionalized. It extends across all six colleges of the Institute, and continues to take an integrated institutional approach to the advancement of women faculty. 


The Georgia Tech ADVANCE Program takes continuing action in initiatives, practices, and policies to support a workplace that it equitable, diverse, and inclusive.


  • Build and sustain an inter-College network of Georgia Tech ADVANCE professors to support the community and advancement of women faculty, and create liaisons with Deans of the Colleges.
  • Foster equity in tenure and promotion through clarity of documents and practices and through awareness of bias in evaluation.
  • Strengthen and expand the scope and impact of work-family practices including “active service/modified duties,” the Georgia Tech daycare center, and job placement for spouses/partners of faculty.
  • Make accessible and transparent means toward advancement through an annual Career Coaching event, as well as Workshops in key areas such as securing grants, building a research program, and publishing across career-stages.
  • Create effective partnerships across Colleges through initiatives including the annual Chairs’ Workshop focusing on recruitment, retention, and advancement of faculty.

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To learn more about Georgia Tech ADVANCE's Equity, Diversity, and Excellence Initiative (EDEI)*, click here.

*EDEI recognizes that hiring and retaining a world-class faculty requires fostering a diverse pool of talent; helps create an inclusive and equitable work climate; and supports the career growth of existing faculty at all levels, so they can achieve their highest career aspirations at Georgia Tech.