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Awards and Recognition

Diversity Champion Awards

Georgia Tech's 2022 Diversity Champion Award winners posing with Archie Ervin

Each fall, as part of the Georgia Tech Diversity Symposium, one faculty member, staff member, student, and department who have actively worked to advance principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the Institute are recognized as Diversity Champions.

Eligibility Requirements


Diversity Champions should have demonstrated one or more of the following within the past three (3) years:

  • Commitment to research and/or activities that engage and challenge racism and expand diversity, equity, and inclusion at Tech
  • Leadership in building a culture of inclusion and belonging among groups from historically underserved communities 
  • Scholarship or work that advances a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence at Georgia Tech
  • Organized, conducted, and/or supported programs, events, and activities that promote an understanding of different cultures, and creating an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging at Tech

All faculty, staff, students, and campus units (e.g. - College, School, department) are eligible for this award with the exception of previous recipients of a Diversity Champion Award or Gender Equity Champion Award.

Past Winners

  • Faculty: Donna Ennis
  • Staff: Arianna Robinson
  • Student: Nina Sara Fraticelli-Guzmán
  • Unit: LGBTQIA Resource Center

Meet the 2022 Diversity Champions

  • Faculty: Lewis Wheaton
  • Staff: Shaunitra Wisdom
  • Student: Shelbe Johnson
  • Unit: Office of Undergraduate Education's Equality Collective

  • Faculty: Cassie Mitchell
  • Staff: Johan Rempel
  • Student: Nandita Gupta
  • Unit: Writing and Communication Program (Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts)

  • Faculty: Maryam Alavi
  • Staff: Melanie DeMaeyer
  • Student: Cong Luo
  • Unit: Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

  • Faculty: Katherine Fu
  • Staff: LaJauna Ellis 
  • Student: William Harrer
  • Unit: MBA Programs Office at Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business 

  • Faculty: Anne Pollock
  • Staff: Jocelyn Thomas
  • Student: Jennifer Salcedo
  • Unit: CEED 

  • Faculty: Mary Frank Fox
  • Staff: Shannon Sullivan
  • Student: Kendall Rankin
  • Unit: School of Physics

  • Faculty: Mary Lynn Realff and Stephen Ruffin
  • Staff: Madison Cario and Matthew Hall
  • Students: W.R. Alexander Berry and Andrea Welsh
  • Units: Division of Student Life and School of Mathematics

  • Faculty: Carol Colatrella and Gary May
  • Staff: Sandy Simpson
  • Student: Kate Overstreet
  • Unit: CEISMC

  • Faculty: Rigoberto Hernandez
  • Staff: Keith Oden 
  • Student: Jiby Yohannen
  • Unit: Project ENGAGES

Faces of Inclusive Excellence

person holding Faces of Inclusive Excellence booklet

Each year, Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion recognizes Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff who have distinguished themselves in professional endeavors related to their research, teaching, leadership, and/or public service activities by naming them a Faces of Inclusive Excellence honoree.

Eligibility Requirements


Faces of Inclusive Excellence recognizes faculty, staff, and students whose accomplishments in their research, teaching, leadership and/or service endeavors have earned special awards or recognition (e.g. career promotion, publication of research, books, articles, grant awards, and service recognition citations) during the previous academic year.


All faculty, staff, and students are eligible for this recognition, including those who have previously been honored.