2016 Gender Equity Champion Awards

This year’s Diversity Symposium theme is “Celebrating Women at Georgia Tech,” and awards will be given to members of the campus community who are advancing gender equity and empowerment at the Institute.

In light of this year’s theme, members of the faculty, staff, and student population, and a unit (e.g. office, department, school, or lab) who significantly demonstrate gender diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Georgia Tech campus community will be recognized at the 2016 Diversity Symposium Awards Luncheon on September 16.


Recipients will have demonstrated one or more of the following within the last three years:

  • Commitment to gender diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Leadership in building a culture of gender inclusion and equity.
  • Behavior that illustrates commitment to the inclusion of persons within the Institute who represent the gender diversity of the Georgia Tech community.
  • Organized, conducted, and/or supported events and activities that promote respect and inclusion related to gender and gender expression.

Note: This award opportunity is open to all genders.


All full-time faculty, staff, students, and organizational units are eligible for this award—except previous recipients of the Diversity Champion Awards.

Nomination Process

The nomination period is now closed for the Gender Equity Champion Awards.


The Gender Equity Champion Awards will be presented at the 2016 Diversity Symposium Awards Luncheon, scheduled for September 16 at the Georgia Tech Hotel Ballroom.