2017 Black History Month Exhibit and Lecture


Black History Month Exhibit and Lecture

James Baldwin famously said that American history is "longer, larger, more various, more beautiful" than many people realize. As we celebrate Black History Month, bringing our focus to the frequently overlooked contributions of queer black people is more important than ever. Often, dominant black historical narratives erase queer black people or seek to distance their accomplishments from their queer identities. By bringing the achievements of queer black people to the forefront, we hope to honor these exceptional individuals and uncover histories that educate, inspire, and uplift.

Hidden Histories: A Queer Black History Exhibit                                                       

Co-sponsored by the LGBTQIA Resource Center and African American Student Union (AASU), the Hidden Histories: A Queer Black History exhibit highlighted and honored the achievements of queer black people in the civil rights movement, music, STEM, literature, arts, and sports.

Fourth Annual Black History Month Lecture

“The Rewards, Challenges, and Implications of Being Black and Trans”                                                

During Georgia Tech’s Fourth Annual Black History Month Lecture, presented by AASU, Institute Diversity, and LGBTQIA Resource Center, Janet Mock, a black transgender woman activist and media personality, discussed the rewards, challenges, and implications of being black and trans on February 15.

Mock examined:

  • What is unique and important about the perspectives and experiences that the black transgender community can bring to social justice movements, particularly racial justice and queer/transgender liberation movements?
  • What are some of the most pressing issues facing the transgender community today, especially transgender people of color?
  • What can students and employees at Georgia Tech do to elevate the voices and promote equity and safety for the black transgender community, particularly in the current political climate?
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